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ŠAnnette Stevenson 1999

JoSonja, Americana, Matisse
Raw Sienna
Dusty Rose
Burnt Sienna French Mocha Burgundy
Fawn Midnite Green
Yellow Oxide Buttermilk
Warm White Burgundy Wine
Antique green
Burnt Umber
Smoked Pearl
Carbon Black
Other Materials
Clear Glazing Medium
Gold Leaf
Gilding Milk
White Gloves
Painting Instructions

1/ Base the bear with an equal mix of Raw Sienna and Fawn. When dry give the bear a second coat.
2/ Using the 3/8flat brush, float in the shading, under the hat, inside the ears, around the edges of the muzzle, under the head and along where the arms join the tummy.
3/ Repeat this step using the same colour and a touch of Burnt Umber. Deepen the shadows under the hat ,inside the ears and under the chin.
4/Using watery Burnt Sienna and the feathering filbert, wisp some light fur all over the bear.
5/ With the same brush and the deeper shade colour wisp the shade fur onto the shaded areas of the bear.

We shall return to the bear after the hat has been painted, this enables us to wisp a few stray hairs over the hat.

1/ base with two coats of Midnite Green.
2/ Using the 3/8flat brush, sideloaded with Midnite Green and a touch of Carbon Black on the same side of the brush, blend well. Float in the shadows, around the ears on the brim, on the bowl of the hat and to form a rough line to section the brim into two areas.
3/ Using the feathering filbert and watery Antique Green, cross hatch the highlights onto the hat.


6/ We now start to highlight the bear, have a puddle of yellow Oxide, Smoked Pearl and Fawn on your palette. Pick up a touch of each colour and wisp this all over the bear, even over the shaded areas and remember to add water to the paint mix to make it transparent.
7/ Add a touch more Smoked Pearl to the mix and wisp the fur onto the highlight areas of the bear. Repeat this again using a touch more Smoked Pearl.
8/ Using a transparent mix of Clear Glaze Medium and Raw Sienna wash this colour all over the bear, Pick up a touch of Burnt Sienna and deepen the shadow inside the ears, where the eyes and nose will be painted.
9/ Using a mix of Yellow Oxide and Smoked Pearl and the tip of the deerfoot brush, pull a few scruffy hairs along the outside of the ears and in the centre of the head.
10/ Using the liner brush, base the eyes and nose using Burnt Umber, with a tiny side load of Burnt Sienna float a touch of this colour outside each eye and at the lower edge of the nose.
With a tiny bit of Warm White touch this onto the top right of the eyes and nose, smudge using your finger to soften.

1/ Using the 3/8 0r 1/4flat brush, load one side in Buttermilk and the other in Dusty Rose. Blend this well on the palette. Paint in the bowl of the rose with the Buttermilk towards the top, feather in the throat of the rose and block in the side and lower petals.
2/ Using your chalk re-draw in the shape of the petals. With a side load of French Mocha and Burgundy float in the deeper shading under each petal, under the turnbacks and in the throat of the roses.
3/ Using Buttermilk, drybrush the highlights onto the edges of each petal. Start at the outside and flick the paint in towards the centre.
4/ Load the same brush with Midnite Green and base in the leaves, float a touch of Carbon Black onto the outside of each leaf, make sure that this is not totally around the edge.
5/ Pick up Antique Green and a touch of Buttermilk on the edge of the brush and flick the highlights onto the leaves, start at the vein and flick out towards the edge.

Lace Collar
1/ Trace the pattern for the collar back onto the bear, Float Buttermilk along all edges.
2/ With watery Buttermilk and the liner brush paint in the fine liner detail.
3/ With watery Buttermilk and the 1/4flat brush, fill in each alternate square. Add the dots using your stylus.

1/ Apply the gilding milk using an old flat brush, allow to sit for 5-10 mins.
2/ Apply the gold leaf using white gloves.
3/ Rub gently but firmly to remove the excess gold leaf.
I have antiqued my frame with a little Burnt Umber oil paint and Patina.
Varnish using J.W.s water based satin varnish.


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