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I am an artist, author and teacher.

I live in Victoria, Australia with my husband Peter and four children Jessica, Caitlyn, Samuel and Georgina and two dogs, Rosie and Jack.

From my studio, a lovely, light room in our Melbourne home I have all the inspiration that I need.  It overlooks a courtyard full of lovely old trees and beautiful roses. Everyday the view changes and this inspires creativity.  I have always occupied myself with some form of craft or art, after completing a Degree in Arts/Fashion design. Before I married I worked as a designer for a few years and then created my own children's clothing label and shop Netties Nook.





While I had always dabbled in painting and drawing, I consider myself  "self taught".  When I first discovered Folk Art, I bought a few brushes, a couple of colors and away I went.  I have never looked back.  A day rarely goes past without a paint brush in my hand.

While bears and roses are my greatest passion, I have a wide and varied painting style and it is this that keeps my students returning year after year. My style of teaching and classes are relaxed and casual, I believe art should be fun and enjoyable.  If it makes you stressed - Why do it?

For many years I painted my designs onto wooden pieces, toy chests, bread bins etc. and had a stall at a couple of local craft markets. It was through these markets that my work became well known and this led to private commissions, shows, retail selling decoupage papers and eventually publishing.

I have had numerous articles published in the different Decorative painting magazines and this led to my books.  Writing and having books and paintings published is the most exciting experience.

Hand painted bears was my first and will always be very special.  This was followed with Hand painted Bears 2 and then 3. These books were all published within Australia by Sally Milner but the overseas sales have been exceptional.

I have also written 2 books on roses. Forever Roses 1 and 2, these have been published in the USA by Viking Publications.

I conduct weekly classes from my home studio and travel teach throughout Victoria most weekends, I teach yearly classes throughout Australia and overseas in Bangkok, Singapore and the United States.

I love teaching.  Teaching and painting are two such separate things.  I love to see what the beginners can achieve, it's great to see them finally succeed.  Bouncing ideas around is another aspect of teaching that I  find rewarding.  This is particularly true of the classes I teach at home, some of these students have been attending classes for over 12 years.  These classes are more like friendship groups and this provides a fertile environment for swapping ideas.

Sometimes my passion for painting and designing verges on the obsessive.  When an idea evolves I must draw or paint straight away - even if this is in the middle of the night.  That is when most of my best and most popular designs have been born!



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